On the cheap doesn’t have to look cheap

Looking good in Sl can cost many Linden, with all the great designers out there.

Cat does style on the cheap

  • Cconstantly updating your inventory can get pricey.Cat is showing us a great look using very little Lindens.  Details are : Skin- []Tuli[] Gina 02 -The Dressing Room // Hair -++AY.LinE++ Re:New store Gift ( several colors included with color change band ) // Eyes-::UH::-Moist (Hunt gift )   // Eyelashes-[glow]- innocent gentle-The Dressing Room //Dress-+Lika Ruby+ -Chinadress – lc green ( won on the MM board there* TY Alles for the TP* ) // Shoes-In Her Shoes [HS]- back to basics Flip flops-color change (oodles and oodles of new stuff there-all free) // Bag-Vive9-Olive Sig lazy Tote w/mags- (free…and omg the stuff they gave away..my inventory still groans) // Jewelery-Lostwood-Pearly Bracelet-free gift-(always some free gifts here, plus a beautiful sim)

About Patricie Sapphire

Just a Canadian girl shopping her way through Second Life, who loves the thrill of the hunt :D and expressing her creativity through the medium of SL and photos.
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2 Responses to On the cheap doesn’t have to look cheap

  1. Alles Klaar says:

    Cat looks fab in that dress – which reminds me I never won it on the Lucky Chair. Doh!

    Nice thongs too btw! ^^

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