Blowing bubbles of smiles to you

Ever blow bubbles? How about recently? I did, my dog loves to chase them and I can’t help but fact when i am blowing bubbles I seem to attract a lot of smiles, small random children come over to say hi, and smile..adults smile too ( could be the “crazy girl” smile though ) oh well, I will keep blowing my bubbles of smiles…and hope it catches on šŸ˜€ ……………………I am sending a huge bubble of smile to dirty Adored of Bottle Bird for her gift of this l cool & cute (yep both words fit ) Goff skirt ! here is an excerpt
Saved Sun Aug 15 09:24:00 2010) cos i like yr photo stream
dirty Adored: yr blog is lovely
dirty Adored: latest picture is soo fab
Patricie Sapphire: I love your humor, your posts are quite funny
Patricie Sapphire: Thank you :))
dirty Adored: ahaha well i try. mainly i panic and go stupid
dirty Adored: XD
Patricie Sapphire: lmao, can I use that, that is hilarious
dirty Adored: grins
dirty Adored: filthy’s the funny one really
Patricie Sapphire: LOL
Patricie Sapphire: šŸ˜€ details of pic are; Skirt- Bottle Bird – Goff skirt.// Boots- Bottle Bird- TME’s.// Shirt- Fishy Strawberry- Early Morning Cardigan.// Leggings- Tee*fy- Leo-Pard Leggins.// Skin- LAQ-Martina-peach.// Hair- booN- TOM245.// glasses- NALA* hunt gifty (last year) Pose is from DARE TDR9 80’s fashion poses.// bubble wand from Mannequin ….now go blow some bubbles šŸ™‚


About Patricie Sapphire

Just a Canadian girl shopping her way through Second Life, who loves the thrill of the hunt :D and expressing her creativity through the medium of SL and photos.
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