Canadian Gothic

My take on the world famous ” American Gothic ” painting by Grant Wood,
” the paintbrush be my pitchfork ” ~ PS

This is the first on a series I will be doing on the artists and inspiration.
What gets our creativity flowing, what hinders us and where our heads are at when we are in the moment.
I did an assignment of American Gothic painting by Grant Wood, painting in school using oils,
at the time I was quite bored with the assignment as there were many criteria the instructor had laid out for a good grade, none of which fit into my creative processes,

We were being asked to paint according to one persons vision of the original work,
we all take away something different when viewing art, at least we should.
I can copy any work but there is no pleasure in doing that, in fact is’s stifling to do so.,
In the original the Dentist’s spinster sister does not look at you , as my mannequins have no faces,
I hold no pitchfork, but do a paintbrush and it too is as clean as the pitchfork in the original,
My version has much to do about hard work, enduringness and the joy of working with the many layers of my inner being, and how these layers are always the mosaic I create from.
Everything that happens around and to me, consciously or not shows up in some detail of work, as it does for all creative people.
Sometimes I see things new, years later in a particular work…….yes art has many layers.

Grant Wood’s iconic piece came to represent the quintessential American values of thrift, work, and faith. during the Great depression era.
If you have not seen his work , I invite you to click the link below and view yourself .

I will be using designs from Aliza Karu in this series( a very creative mind she has and one whom I often look too when seeking some creative inspiration ) Many thanks to you Aliza ❤


Dress – Marzia – My Rose- Blk & Wt – Aliza Karu
Manniquin base I wear – Manichino – Aliza Karu
Hair flower from red and white version of this gown

Hair – Mina 2 – noir- Vanity Hair
eyes – *S Bs
Skin – Ataciara – Poem- London Fog – Plastik
Hair base and brow tattoo – Amber brunette – League
Earrings – Xenia – Donna Flora


About Patricie Sapphire

Just a Canadian girl shopping her way through Second Life, who loves the thrill of the hunt :D and expressing her creativity through the medium of SL and photos.
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