Memories – view Black or original for finer details

they can bring a smile, and embarrassed laugh, slight blush
or they can bring fears, tears and guilt.
Hide them away in the attic of the mind or give them life by talking aloud …

I cannot say enough about Aliza Karu, she has been a favorite designer/creator of mine since I first started spending money here, always so creative, imaginative , she can always pull me out of a funk!

Lipstick – Hate Me Eat me – Pacific Coast Fundraiser – Help Japan

Rock Wedding – Aliza Karu
N-core – Highschool -Extreme heel

A very big thank you to suri-yangtz
she was so kind and dropped mega folders of poses on me, and I am impressed……..there were a few I wanted to use for this post LOL
this one is;
Deniro – store is : socialANGTz
how cute is that store name 😀

hair and skin from previous post,
ya ya I know…but I have to sleep sometime…right?


About Patricie Sapphire

Just a Canadian girl shopping her way through Second Life, who loves the thrill of the hunt :D and expressing her creativity through the medium of SL and photos.
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