Antique Roadshow

Antique forgotten toys on their way to somewhere..

Todays post is actually about poses…and how anything we do, no matter the talent or expertise in regards to SL photography and art would amount to anything without the emotive qualities of poses..
I am an unashamed  pose whore……..seriously I can spend hours just playing with poses, I study them, turn them this way and that, I am in awe of the mind of the creator when doing so.
Recently I had an interesting conversation related to this post with Olaenka Chesnoko from oOo poses, she asked me, ” which comes first, the pose , clothing or an idea ? ” My answer was the pose, it is true I love the art that is fashion in SL, and love to photograph it, but for me the pose is always on my mind, some beautiful emotive pose I just bought or saw, it forms the basis for the entire picture 90 % of the time. Granted there are times when it is strictly about a fashion post, but I do love the arty side!

Today’s outfit is created mostly from old items in my inventory as each login I am forced to consider the size of my inventory….

Details –
Pose – Del May- Castaway – this pose was turned upright from its beautiful lying down position, I saw the grace in the arms and legs immediately and knew I was going to use it many times in many ways, with the head tilt , it just had a far away look to the eyes!

Feet – Similar – Barefoot – TY Magissa for the tp and tip! I added the cracks in PS.

Hair – [RA] – Jane

Outfit – * Evies Closet * – Cygnet Showgirl and head-piece

Duck – ANA_ – Rubber Ducky – old group gift
Skin – =-F’d Up-= – smashed – old hunt prize, I embellished this skin greatly with a ton of cracks and painting the joints to stand out.

Truck – Garage – previously blogged

I think that new skin coming out from Cocoro Lemon has even me thinking of ball jointed dolls :XD


About Patricie Sapphire

Just a Canadian girl shopping her way through Second Life, who loves the thrill of the hunt :D and expressing her creativity through the medium of SL and photos.
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2 Responses to Antique Roadshow

  1. I liked reading about poses being the main driver (literally, in that image) of your work. I think it gives a unity to the series of work you’ve created over the last while.

    I look at mine and wonder why I shoot off in all directions, and I think it’s because something different strikes me each time, be it a pose or a setting or an outfit or a mood inside my own head that wants to be heard.


    • Thank you for comment and dialog on poses Jasmine, everyone has a different creative process , where it begins. I’d love to hear from others where they get their inspiration from, I find it such an interesting subject!

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