A Canned Life ~ View On Black or Bigger

Don’t we all live a canned existence for the most part, we ” cann ” ourselves in our homes, our career, perhaps our in our minds as well, it can feel safe all tucked in where everything is as you know it , but what happens if someone else opens the can…………, better to spring the top open yourself and cast a further look, venture out of that can, lest you be trapped in it forever.

Picture idea sprang forth when pulling the tab back on a can of my favorite sardines, Millionaire, those super tiny sardines that are packed so pretty and perfect into the can, they looked like sleeping mermaids……. and here I was about to disturb their sleep!…..

Aqua avatar – Meta_Body project by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu

Pose is from Del May

Meta_Body group Flickr Link


Here is the re posted Introduction from Meilo’s Flickr stream

“The virtual experience of the body is not exactly an experience of the flesh. These sensations, albeit having a physical sensorial aspect, continue to be experienced in our bodies behind the screen, not in our avatar body. The virtual body is a metaphorical body, all language, therefore open to experimentation and possibility.
In this new project, Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu invite you, once again, to rethink your bodies through your avatars, making available all kinds of skins, shapes, body parts, clothes, etc. All these items will be fully modifiable, sharable and copyable, thus challenging the audience to become creators and share their derivative work with us, in the All My Independent Women RL exhibition. While the avatars will be available in the Second Life Sim Delicatessen, the pictures and machinimas of the derivative work will be displayed at VBKOE, Vienna, giving a glimpse in RL of the new creative flux, beyond the concepts of author and work of art, happening online.”


About Patricie Sapphire

Just a Canadian girl shopping her way through Second Life, who loves the thrill of the hunt :D and expressing her creativity through the medium of SL and photos.
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2 Responses to A Canned Life ~ View On Black or Bigger

  1. AHA – another reason WHY I must not eat sardines….mermaid like … that would just be sooo wrong. God Bless you woman!!

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