Patricie Sapphire is my alter ego in the virtual world.
In the real world I am a ” proud to be a Canadian girl ” who leads a busy life but manages some
” down ” time in Secondlife and Photoshop, I enjoy the artistic freedoms and elements in the virtual world and am greatly appreciative of the many talented people who created and continue to create this world , adding to the wonderful diverse mosaic it is!

I create pictures from images that I take in Secondlife , these are not screenshots, the scenes are carefully constructed according to the mood / style and feeling I wish to portray in my work.
These are then further processed in photoshop and sometimes other programs to reach the image I had in my head. Each picture typically takes 4 plus hours, and is a labor of love.

In my real life I enjoy the arts immensely , and participate whole heatedly, using paint, charcoal , ink and many other mediums.

Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂


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